In The Branches (sleep music, ambient guitar music) albums now on YouTube

In The Branches - Vivid Memories

If you’re a fan of In The Branches or The Adaptive, and have a YouTube account, please subscribe to the official In The Branches channel on YouTube. (Click “Subscribe” near the top of one of my YouTube videos below).

Here are links to the full-album videos on YouTube:

In the past few days, I uploaded full-album videos of “Expanse Sessions” and “Vivid Memories” on YouTube [see more here]. These albums were released closely together in 2015, just two months apart. It was a very inspired time of my life, and I still have many songs & recordings from that era that deserve to be finished up and released. Ah, one of these days.

The In The Branches YouTube channel has given me an amazing sense of gratitude, via the positive reactions to “Wilderness Time” (side note: The full album video has rocked my YouTube stats in comparison to my other videos).

I will continue uploading full albums on YouTube until I either 1) Run out of material (yeah right!) or 2) Lose trust in YouTube. For now, let’s see how it goes. Don’t forget to subscribe! Thanks!

-Shane / In The Branches

Expanse Sessions<
Vivid Memories
Expanse Sessions II
Wilderness Time

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