Film Projects

Music Videos

Film Projects

Rockstars Montana (Music by Shane Cotee / The Adaptive, Video Production and Editing by Shane Cotee / THEADAPTIVE.NET)

Grant Kaye – Arts for the Schools (Music from 00:15-01:00 by In The Branches)

Music Videos

Pi Wrecks and The Adaptive – Ability (Single)

The Adaptive – Vibrant, from Evolve:

Infinite Brothers – Signals, from Signals EP:

In The Branches – Expanse Sessions (YouTube Playlist)

In The Branches – Particles Collide, from Particles Collide

In The Branches – The Perfect Storm (How Can I Not Miss You), from Vivid Memories

In The Branches – Sky Patterns, from Vivid Memories

In The Branches – Sky Patterns (Live Ambient Guitar Looping) from Shane Cotee on Vimeo.