Selling Microstock (Photos, Videos, Illustrations) — Is It For You?

Shutterstock Sales from Contributor Dashboard

I’ve just written up a page about selling microstock (licensed photos, videos, and illustrations). It’s worth bringing up for two reasons:

  1. I would not have just made my first $1,000 from microstock if I had continued ignoring it.
  2. Shutterstock gives me a referral bonus for talking people into buying or selling photos (even if they’re not mine). This means support for The Adaptive and everything I’m involved with.

If you’re a photographer, videographer, or illustrator, you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of selling microstock.

GoPro Hero5 Black: How to Enable RAW Photo Mode

This took some research to figure out, so I’m sharing it and keeping it here for future reference.

Version: GoPro HERO5 Black update v01.20

Download the latest update for your GoPro Hero5 Black here:

To take a RAW photo you need to have Pro-Tune off, WDR off and the FOV in Wide.

  • Press the Mode button (right side of the GoPro)
  • If not in Photo mode, press Mode button again until you’re in Photo mode
  • If the “FOV” at the bottom right of the screen is anything but “Wide”, then tap it and slide the options up or down to change it to Wide. Tap it and make sure “Wide” is blue.
  • While in Photo mode, swipe your finger from the right side of the screen to the left.
  • The screen that appears after swiping has three pages of settings. You can swipe from right to left again to see the additional pages.
  • If PROTUNE is on, the first page will Color, WB (White Balance), ISO Min (minimum sensor sensitivity), ISO Max (maximum sensor sensitivity), EV Comp (Exposure Compensation), Sharp (Sharpness Level) and ProTune Reset. Tap the power icon at the bottom of the screen to turn PROTUNE off.
  • With Protune off, you can swipe to the right to turn off WDR (if needed).
  • Swipe to the third page, “RAW FORMAT”. Tap the power button icon at the bottom of the screen to toggle RAW mode on and off.