The Adaptive vs. In The Branches – Junglespace (Live) [Free Song Download]

In my library of recent recordings, I have 700 different files. From these, I’ve released 13 In The Branches albums and a few live tracks, like this live version of Junglespace that blends my two solo music projects in one live take. I’ve only scratched the surface (maybe 10% of what could be released), and I keep on recording more every week! As I sort through these, I’ll continue releasing singles, EP’s, and albums.

New Music from In The Branches on Bandcamp

In the past few days, I released a new single from In The Branches, and a new compilation was released featuring another new In The Branches song. Listen below:

Review: Enslaved – “E” (2017)

Yes, I’m trying to begin doing quick reviews of music (and possibly music/photography gear). Here we go.

Enslaved has a long history stretching back to the early days of Norwegian black metal’s international rise. I’m not entirely familiar with their discography, but I know some of it has caught my attention over the years. I saw their other releases as decent, but “E” has something special going on. Here’s proof with the opening song, “Storm Son”.

The album’s blend of Scandinavian blackness, 70’s psychedelic prog, and modern production make it a new favorite for me. In a fit of excitement, I almost posted on Facebook that this album seemed to be the best thing to happen to metal since Opeth’s “Orchid”. I can’t claim that yet — Orchid took years to catch on to the metal community at large.

This is a beautiful metal album that carries deep musical wisdom under the surface. Each song is full of little ideas that you can’t remember until you hear it again, then you go, “Ah! I remember that part!” The band’s use of musical technicality and subtle repetition are intriguing from the first listen.

Yes, screeching black metal vocals aren’t for everyone. People sure do love to explain how it’s the only part they don’t like about this music. Okay, okay. We get it. But for those of us who grew up with such entertaining vocal madness, it’s the glue that holds everything together. The uncertainty and excitement of extremity in music. Enslaved has mellowed out their sound dramatically, but this feels more cohesive than ever before. Highly recommended!


More info:

“Songs From The Abyss” Now On YouTube

“Songs From The Abyss” was an album that created itself autonomously, waiting patiently over the course of a year while I recorded live guitar looping sessions and traded tracks with Steven Taylor of the techno project Ghostwire. Steven’s entry into the world of ambient was a fantastic match for the atmosphere I imagined for this album.

Part space music, part emotional dirge, and part spiritual experience. That’s the impression I felt while putting the pieces together and hearing them all together.