In The Branches “Wilderness Time” Full Album Now On YouTube

In The Branches - Wilderness Time

In celebration of its freshly designed new digital booklet (available in high-resolution PDF format with purchase of the album on Bandcamp), In The Branches’ critically-acclaimed 2016 album Wilderness Time is now on YouTube (scroll down for embedded video), showcasing a slideshow of the new artwork as the album plays in its entirety.

A bonus track “Wilderness Time II”, from In The Branches’ fifth album “Lost and Found”, has been included as a logical extension to this collection of wilderness-themed ambient guitar music.

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“Songs From The Abyss” Now On YouTube

“Songs From The Abyss” was an album that created itself autonomously, waiting patiently over the course of a year while I recorded live guitar looping sessions and traded tracks with Steven Taylor of the techno project Ghostwire. Steven’s entry into the world of ambient was a fantastic match for the atmosphere I imagined for this album.

Part space music, part emotional dirge, and part spiritual experience. That’s the impression I felt while putting the pieces together and hearing them all together.

Four Steps to Enable RAW Photo Mode on a GoPro Hero5 Black

This took some research to figure out, so I’m sharing it and keeping it here for future reference.

Version used: GoPro HERO5 Black update v01.20

Download the latest update for your GoPro Hero5 Black here:

To take the highest-quality (RAW) photos with a GoPro Hero5 Black, you need to enter photo mode, set FOV (field of view) to wide, turn Pro-Tune off, turn WDR (wide dynamic range) off. Details and photos for these steps are outlined below.

1. Enter Photo Mode

Press the Mode button (right side of the GoPro)

If not in Photo mode, press Mode button again until the screen says “PHOTO”.


2. Set FOV to Wide

If the “FOV” at the bottom right of the screen is anything but “Wide”, then tap it and slide the options up or down to change it to Wide. Tap it and make sure “Wide” is blue.


3. Turn off Pro-Tune

While in Photo mode, swipe your finger from the right side of the screen to the left.

The screen that appears after swiping has three pages of settings. You can swipe from right to left again to see the additional pages.

If PROTUNE is on, the first page will show Color, WB (White Balance), ISO Min (minimum sensor sensitivity), ISO Max (maximum sensor sensitivity), EV Comp (Exposure Compensation), Sharp (Sharpness Level) and ProTune Reset. Tap theĀ  power icon () at the bottom of the screen to turn PROTUNE off.

4. Turn Off WDR (Wide Dynamic Range)

With Protune off, you can swipe to the right to turn off WDR (if needed).

Swipe to the third page, “RAW FORMAT”. Tap the power button icon at the bottom of the screen to toggle RAW mode on and off.