Bluetech (The Adaptive’s Introduction Mix) on Spotify


In celebration and preparation for a very spacey collaboration… Downtempo/chillout master Bluetech and postmodern guitarist Shane Cotee (In The Branches, The Adaptive) are merging their deepest spaced-out music experiments with amazing results. Scroll down for a sample of the collab.

It occurred to me that some of my friends might not know Bluetech like I do. So I’ve put together a mix on Spotify to share this influential artist through a few hand-picked favorite tracks. I’ll continue updating this mix occasionally.

Direct Spotify Link

Catch a preview of this special collaboration on the In The Branches YouTube Channel:

Catch In The Branches, The Adaptive, and Infinite Brothers at EmbryOasis III at Trinity Hot Springs (Idaho) April 20-22, 2018!

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