Various Artists – Planitis Aris EP (ambient fundraiser compilation) out now on Bandcamp and YouTube

Planitis Aris EP Planitis Aris EP   name your price Announcing the 25th official release from The Adaptive, Planitis Aris EP. “Planitis Aris” is Greek for “Planet Mars”, more accurately

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Updates: music.theadaptive.net, a new Roland Gaia SH-01, Omnisphere 2, and Labored Breath…

music.theadaptive.net I moved my Bandcamp page to music.theadaptive.net, instead of theadaptive.bandcamp.com. The old address still works, so this is more of an alias than a move. I plan to continue

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Quiet Sector’s “Mining Moons To Build A Star” (ambient synth music) album released on Bandcamp

This is an album that took me about two years of weekend warrior-ing after I returned to my software engineering career in Portland. This project took over all of my

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