New Release: In The Branches “Planetary Confinement”

In The Branches - Planetary Confinement

Planetary Confinement is a meditation on nature and a dedication to the wild birds of Oregon. A reminder of all our smaller cohabitants on planet earth, surviving in the concrete and plastic world we’ve built around theirs, and dying in larger numbers than anyone likes to admit. These songs are for the birds that would have existed if not for our lack of awareness in the subtle details of their short lives.

To describe the music itself is challenging. Six-string, seven-string, and lap-steel guitars dominate the instrumentation on Planetary Confinement. The album drifts along quietly, possibly slipping out of awareness at times, then creeping back in with a buildup into melodic hook that becomes more familiar and more nostalgic with every drawn out repetition. Such music is the spontaneous result of hitting record with no idea of what’s about to happen.

Vocals and synths that were present on other albums are not found here — but wood flutes and rain sticks can be heard in the bed of floating guitar improvisation-loops.


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