Recommended #ambient: Vidna Obmana – Landscape In Obscurity

vidnaObmana - Landscape In Obscurity

Currently free (Name Your Price) to download in recording-studio quality via Bandcamp.

I paid $5 for this one as soon as I noticed it had been remastered and re-released. Listening to “Landscape In Obscurity”, for what must be the 100th time, and hearing everything remastered on Yamaha HS8W speakers… One of the finest ambient music pieces of all time, somehow, just got even better.

Be sure to download the FLAC, WAV, or 320kbps MP3 version to hear every detail. The FLAC version playing through professional recording monitors is an absolute treat. There’s a pristine shine on every moment of the song/album. Maybe the original wasn’t too far off, but the fresh new audio formats of today — the ones I mentioned — give fans the chance to hear it more like they (the artist) heard it during its final moments of creation and completion. In this case, re-completion. Download this one and try it out for sleeping some time. It’s one of my go-to’s for that.