“In The Branches” (Self-Titled) Album Released on All Major Music Platforms

Some time after I released this album on Bandcamp, it was posted on YouTube by the In The Woods channel (no relation to In The Branches, by the way!). I was pleasantly surprised to see the self-titled album rack up tens of thousands of plays and a wave of positive comments from In The Woods subscribers.

As I contemplated releasing my Bandcamp albums globally (through CDBaby) in chronological order — in the the order they’ve been released on Bandcamp). It’s hard to measure popularity between my albums, but this one had clearly stood out on YouTube. I decided to create new cover artwork and release the album to the world.

Listen to the album from your favorite music service, now with two bonus tracks taken from the Final Transmission EP.


Amazon Music

Apple Music

Google Play


A special Bandcamp edition of the re-release is coming soon. For now, the original version is still online.

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