Recommended Music: Earth House Hold – “Never Forget Us”

Earth House Hold - Never Forget Us

Brock Van Wey, a.k.a. Bvdub, made quite an impression on me around 2013. I remember finding his album “Then” and realizing that it was a great album to sleep to. As I slept to the music, I would sometimes ride a wave of hallucinations as the hazy voices and textures faded in and out of my conscious mind. The word for this mode of half-wakefulness is a hypnogogic state. This is a psychologist’s way of saying “the space between awake and asleep.”

Taking care of ourselves by winding down, purposefully and peacefully, in this busy and noisy society, requires some effort. The relaxing kinds of music, like Earth House Hold’s blend of textures and rhythms, is as necessary for a festival morning set as it is at home. The sounds have a warmth and life to them that is rare in most genres of music. While many artists battle to play the most notes or make the most noise, some focus on creating an environment of beauty with sound. This is one such album of phenomenal accomplishment in its goal to soothe and comfort the listener while gently uplifting them.

“Never Forget Us” is the kind of music that you can sleep to, even with its dancefloor-oriented rhythms, as long as the beats are turned down enough to not jolt you awake. But it truly shines when listened to, front and center, and enjoying every subtle surprise. These songs are all quite beautiful, and I’m struggling to choose a favorite as I realize more beauty is to be found with every play of the album. “Time Can Wait” certainly hooked me early on, when I was first able to hear that amazing song in its entirety.

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