The Adaptive ft. Kevin Tool: New Music Video and Live Concert

Watch the video here:

The Adaptive and Kevin Tool will perform “Duality” live for the first time this weekend:

Artist Showcase: The Adaptive featuring Kevin Tool and Special Guests (Facebook Event)

From The Adaptive’s 2015 debut album “Evolve”, Duality sprang into existence one day. It was clearly inspired by the heavy and crunchy grooves of Australia’s bass music scene. That’s about all I know about it — I regularly think about making more songs like it, but that just doesn’t tend to happen very often. It takes a special combination of luck and dedication to finish a dancefloor song that feels alive to me. This was me learning how to channel my creative energy into something that is meant for movement or activity. Hence the thumping beats and big bass.

Kevin Tool had been recording music at my home studio in late 2014 or early 2015. It was a variety of material including a guitar riff tuned to an Open-D tuning of sorts (for guitarists, it was DADF#BE, or something weird like that). The riff somehow fit perfectly on top of the electronic music I had been writing for Duality. I remember making only minor edits to get everything lined up. Kevin had not heard Duality, and I don’t think I knew about his riff when I began making it. Weiiird…

About the video. All footage for Duality’s music video (above) was captured in the Sawtooth National Forest of Idaho, mostly around Featherville and the surrounding forests. Watching the video is a psychedelic peek into my recent experiences living in a “Paradise” part of Idaho all summer.

Find out more about Trinity, where I’m performing with Kevin Tool this weekend:

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