App Development

Shane Cotee has developed complex applications since around 2008, where he managed a large-scale “Classic ASP” website and built a prototype program in C# for Positive Action in Twin Falls, Idaho.

Technology Background

Since his early foray into object-oriented programming in 2008, I have continued working at increasing levels of responsibility, including a year-long contract as a Senior UI Developer at Nike.

After a three-year break from making software, I’ve returned to my obsession with programming and technology, now building websites and apps that maximize the potential of their users — like good software should.

Current Projects

I’m quite busy developing an app for stock photography (or microstock), a project named “Stock Photo Central” ( is coming soon).

Stock Photo Central is an app and website for simplifying stock photography tasks. This includes fast and simple metadata editing, automatic keywords (with help from artificial intelligence), and automated FTP uploads. The app will eventually keep track of each photo and its respective links for every site that hosts/sells the image’s use, allowing users to generate lists of links to the image on each site that has it.

The technology stack I chose for Stock Photo Central is:

  • Microsoft UWP (Universal Windows Platform / Windows 10)
  • C#
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 Community Edition
  • LiteDB
  • Imagga
  • Microsoft Computer Vision

Additional technologies and tools planned for use:

  • Xamarin
  • ReSharper

Stay tuned as the first version of this app is developed!