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Recommended Ambient: Robert Rich – Live At The Gatherings 2015

Robert Rich - Live at The Gatherings 2015
Robert Rich – Live at The Gatherings 2015

Anyone who knows me well, knows that I’m obsessed with a few specific musicians more than any others. Names that they hear all the time, just from being around me. Names like Robert Rich. The very fact that he singlehandedly created a “sleep concert” movement of sorts was enough to earn all of my respect. So many of his albums are incredibly advanced, subtle, and thoughtful sound journeys. Robert is a man who strives for originality at every turn, challenging his fans to “make sounds that nobody has ever heard before” and similar notions.

Robert Rich is an icon of forward-thinking music and creativity, and this live performance is an incredible example of his sonic visions.

In The Branches – Transience (EP) Out Now on Bandcamp

This previously-subscriber-only release is now available to purchase on Bandcamp for just $2. All proceeds help Shane get back the recording studio that was stolen from him in Seattle!

About Transience

Recorded live in studio on September 3, 2015.
Released January 27, 2018

Transience is a meditation on the always-changing nature of life, inspired in name by lyrics from the band Anathema. Their “Judgement” album had a line that always stuck with me:

How fast time passed by
The transience of life
(YouTube video of this song included below)

Preview: This Patch Of Sky Live in Portland (Video)

Eugene, Oregon-based This Patch Of Sky invited me to photograph a recent show in Portland. We’ve started a collaboration on a music video — potentially several — from the footage and audio captured at the show.

Here’s a preview of some raw footage captured with my Canon 6D, hand-held and sloppy in between photos! This is what I’ll edit down to the smoothest sections and process in Adobe Premiere, along with synchronizing the audio from the sound board.

Recommended Ambient: Etherculture – “Posibilidad Pura”

Etherculture is a brand new project by Benjamin Florentino from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Benjamin usually produces trance music, but recently expanded his creativity to include ambient soundscapes. He contacted me on Facebook to compliment my In The Branches work, and sent some preview tracks for “Posibilidad Pura”. I did not expect such quality from an ambient newbie, I’ll be honest. This music was the kind I search for. The songs are minimal, simple, and always subtly evolving. This delicate manipulation of sound is something that can take a lifetime to achieve, and Etherculture has captured that on his first attempt.

Highly recommended for fans of Carbon Based Lifeforms, Bvdub, ASC, Loscil, and the like.