Shane Cotee performing as In The Branches at The Waypost, Portland, Oregon.

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In The Branches is Shane Cotee’s ambient music project based on experimental/improvised guitar loops and carefully-layered ambient sound journeys. Music for deep listening — preferably with headphones or large speakers in a very quiet room.

In The Branches’ early songs were released only on Soundcloud. Their sound was instrumental post-rock songs in the vein of Hammock and Explosions In The Sky. While that style lingers and may return, In The Branches has many releases out on Bandcamp that are (mostly) ambient soundscapes made from live guitar playing. Improvised guitar loops have remained the core element of every song since “Expanse Sessions” was released in 2015, with varying levels of live improvisation stacked on top of the hypnotic loops.

“Expanse Sessions” was an introspective journey into the possibilities of ambient guitar in the realm of space music. It received some very kind critical acclaim in the ambient music scene.

“Live at the Waypost” was In The Branches’ first live recording in front of an audience. It features one prepared song, “We Are Limitless”, and the rest is improvised live.

“Vivid Memories”, In The Branches’ second release, continues the deep ambient style while opening up to a much wider sonic variety. Ambient guitar work is still the core of every song, but this time, the soundscapes open up with vocals, field recordings, found sounds, and organic textures.

“Expanse Sessions II” continues expanding the established style into new territory with more complex layering and diverse textures.

“Particles Collide” pushes In The Branches into both lighter and darker territory, for a diverse and unpredictable sound journey across many moods.

“Live at the TARDIS Room” is a raw live performance recorded March 17, 2016 at Portland’s Doctor Who-themed pub/venue, The TARDIS Room. With only one prepared song (“The Second Half of a Memory”), the remainder of the album is improvised and looped live, in true In The Branches fashion.

Wilderness Time” marks a turning point for In The Branches. Most of the guitar parts were recorded in a variety of locations across the western United States (between shows and photography adventures), and then each song was layered and finalized in an isolated location in Montana.

“Lost and Found”, a more sombre group of songs than the usual album:

“As Real As A Dream”, intended for both listening closely and for playing in the background while going to sleep.

“Ghost Owl Three”, a dark ambient journey down memory lane.

“Songs From The Abyss”, a deep journey into live guitar loops, space music, and cinematic storytelling through sound.

“Monuments” with Neglect, a darker collaboration with western-ambient cohort Joseph Valentino.

“In The Branches” (Self-Titled). In some ways, the deepest journey into slow and dramatic guitar soundscapes.

“Final Transmission” (EP) is a free, two-song EP in a similar emotional vein to the self-titled album above.

“When Our Dreams Collide”, a new single with a minimalist approach.