In The Branches – Wilderness Time (2016)

In The Branches - Wilderness Time
In The Branches – Wilderness Time, available only on Bandcamp and for members of THEADAPTIVE.NET.
Gratitude, nostalgia, grief, and bliss. Creating the “Wilderness Time” album took everything I had in me by the time it was finished. Maybe that sounds silly for an ambient guitar album.
I continuously attempt to create my own life’s soundtrack with my portable recording studio and a few guitars. This was it, to the fullest extent of my resources at hand, but it wasn’t all happy sunshine. These improvised musical stories were split between darkness and light. Those familiar with my discography know that I do have an appreciation for both, though this album does have a bit more “light” than other In The Branches albums.
Months after its original release, I continue to learn from each song. I hope “Wilderness Time” can offer you a peaceful place to quiet the noisy world and transcend time for a bit.
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