Featured Album: In The Branches – Particles Collide (2016)

The signature sound of In The Branches is undoubtedly that of echoing guitars, layered on top of each other and often pitch-shifted into some very untraditional textures. These meditational drones and melodic patterns are blended with live improvisations, field recordings, and sometimes secret recordings from years past.

The first song (and title track) on Particles Collide is a prime example of the sonic blend mentioned above. This is music created over the span of years, layered together in a flexible and abstract way. Each recording is always one of a kind, because the precise position of each ingredient can never be truly replicated if the performance is honestly live. There are way too many variables, and the last thing I (Shane) would want In The Branches to be about. It should always be “live” and fluid.

The album continues on, shifting to dark and light, for a total of about an hour. Have a listen to the full release on Bandcamp: