Photo Feature – Bobcat in Northeast Scottsdale, Arizona

Bobcat in Scottsdale, Arizona
Young bobcat spotted in northeast Scottsdale (Rio Verde), Arizona

In The Branches – Songs From The Abyss full album on YouTube

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In The Branches at its spaciest. The subtle textures on the first half of the album were a contribution from Steven Taylor, known for his techno productions as Ghostwire. Steven’s unique ambient experiments and my longform guitar loop recordings were first blended together, then layered once more and compiled as a final album. Each song on this album is a unique soundscape like nothing else I’ve created before, and I’m planning to return to this style again for another collaboration with Steven.

In The Branches “Wilderness Time” Full Album Now On YouTube

In The Branches - Wilderness Time

In celebration of its freshly designed new digital booklet (available in high-resolution PDF format with purchase of the album on Bandcamp), In The Branches’ critically-acclaimed 2016 album Wilderness Time is now on YouTube (scroll down for embedded video), showcasing a slideshow of the new artwork as the album plays in its entirety.

A bonus track “Wilderness Time II”, from In The Branches’ fifth album “Lost and Found”, has been included as a logical extension to this collection of wilderness-themed ambient guitar music.

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Preview: This Patch Of Sky Live in Portland (Video)

Eugene, Oregon-based This Patch Of Sky invited me to photograph a recent show in Portland. We’ve started a collaboration on a music video — potentially several — from the footage and audio captured at the show.

Here’s a preview of some raw footage captured with my Canon 6D, hand-held and sloppy in between photos! This is what I’ll edit down to the smoothest sections and process in Adobe Premiere, along with synchronizing the audio from the sound board.

Can You Make Money Selling Your (Boring, Old, Random) Photos? (Yes)

Shutterstock Sales from Contributor Dashboard

I’ve just written up a page about selling microstock (licensed photos, videos, and illustrations). It’s worth bringing up for two reasons:

  • I would not have just made my first $1,000 from microstock if I had continued ignoring it.
  • Shutterstock gives a referral bonus for inviting people to sell their photos. This means support for The Adaptive and everything I’m involved with!

If you’re a photographer, videographer, or illustrator, you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of selling microstock.