The Adaptive vs. In The Branches – Junglespace (Live) [Free Song Download]

In my library of recent recordings, I have 700 different files. From these, I’ve released 13 In The Branches albums and a few live tracks, like this live version of Junglespace that blends my two solo music projects in one live take. I’ve only scratched the surface (maybe 10% of what could be released), and I keep on recording more every week! As I sort through these, I’ll continue releasing singles, EP’s, and albums.

Pi Wrecks and The Adaptive release “Ability” Single

Free Download (Name Your Price) on Bandcamp

“Ability” is the first official collaboration between east-coast producer Pi Wrecks (Jeffrey Edinger) and west-coast guitarist/producer The Adaptive (Shane Cotee). This unique new combination is the beginning of something new and inspiring for both artists.

Music by Jeffrey Edinger and Shane Cotee.
Visuals by Shane Cotee /

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Metamorphosis & The Adaptive – “The Long Way Home”

“The Long Way Home” is a downtempo/ambient music collaboration between Metamorphosis (Alon Chen) and The Adaptive (Shane Cotee). It was released on a charity compilation from E-Mantra called “Ascension“, and is now available as a single on It’s also available to download for members of’s new yearly subscription.