In The Branches (Self-Titled) album released on Bandcamp

After countless hours recording, mixing, mastering, remixing, remastering, and creating artwork… The tenth In The Branches album is finished. This collection of songs is as mellow as I.T.B. gets, with a careful balance between dark and light moods. It’s a full-on soundtrack to dreaming underneath the night sky in a place that isn’t entirely safe, but is beautiful.

Initial reactions have been very positive, and I’m deeply grateful for it.

“This is the highest level of ambient music. Only the infinite space is above it. Thank you, Shane!” -István, Hungary

“It is a very deep album, and I love it. Particularly love immersing myself in the sound via headphones ?, it’s wonderful.” -Brian, Australia

“I don’t know which is my favorite because I tranced out, but its superb.” -Cody, New York

Guitarist, producer, photographer, founder of The Adaptive and

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