Exclusive Preview: In The Branches + Bluetech “Behind The Sky” Album Stream and Vinyl Preorder

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In The Branches & Bluetech - Behind The Sky

A couple of years ago, I helped fund Bluetech’s Kickstarter for Space-Hop Chronicles Vol. 1. The reward for my contribution was to include a remix of one of my songs. It was a very exciting time — I was making great money at Nike and felt readily available to invest into the work of my favorite artists. Along with Bluetech, I contributed to projects from Ott, Yaima, Beats Antique, and many other artists/bands. No regrets. The rewards for this support have come back around right when I needed them.

Fast-forward to 2018. We put the remix on hold, because ambient music was already flowing. We created an entire album of the finest space-inspired music we could conjure. The music created itself easily, and even spawned a record label (Behind The Sky Music).

Stream the full album on YouTube:

There are several options for ordering “Behind The Sky”:

Diggers Factory (recommended for ordering vinyl)
Bandcamp (The Adaptive) (recommended for ordering digital)
Bandcamp (Bluetech) (recommended for ordering digital)
Behind The Sky Music (our new record label, coming soon)

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