“Songs From The Abyss” Now On YouTube

“Songs From The Abyss” was an album that created itself autonomously, waiting patiently over the course of a year while I recorded live guitar looping sessions and traded tracks with Steven Taylor of the techno project Ghostwire. Steven’s entry into the world of ambient was a fantastic match for the atmosphere I imagined for this album.

Part space music, part emotional dirge, and part spiritual experience. That’s the impression I felt while putting the pieces together and hearing them all together.


Selling Microstock (Photos, Videos, Illustrations) — Is It For You?

Shutterstock Sales from Contributor Dashboard

I’ve just written up a page about selling microstock (licensed photos, videos, and illustrations). It’s worth bringing up for two reasons:

  1. I would not have just made my first $1,000 from microstock if I had continued ignoring it.
  2. Shutterstock gives me a referral bonus for talking people into buying or selling photos (even if they’re not mine). This means support for The Adaptive and everything I’m involved with.

If you’re a photographer, videographer, or illustrator, you owe it to yourself to consider the benefits of selling microstock.

Pi Wrecks and The Adaptive release “Ability” Single

Free Download (Name Your Price) on Bandcamp

“Ability” is the first official collaboration between east-coast producer Pi Wrecks (Jeffrey Edinger) and west-coast guitarist/producer The Adaptive (Shane Cotee). This unique new combination is the beginning of something new and inspiring for both artists.

Music by Jeffrey Edinger and Shane Cotee.
Visuals by Shane Cotee / theadaptive.net.

More info:

In The Branches (Self-Titled) album released on Bandcamp

After countless hours recording, mixing, mastering, remixing, remastering, and creating artwork… The tenth In The Branches album is finished. This collection of songs is as mellow as I.T.B. gets, with a careful balance between dark and light moods. It’s a full-on soundtrack to dreaming underneath the night sky in a place that isn’t entirely safe, but is beautiful.

Initial reactions have been very positive, and I’m deeply grateful for it.

“This is the highest level of ambient music. Only the infinite space is above it. Thank you, Shane!” -Istv├ín, Hungary

“It is a very deep album, and I love it. Particularly love immersing myself in the sound via headphones ?, it’s wonderful.” -Brian, Australia

“I don’t know which is my favorite because I tranced out, but its superb.” -Cody, New York

In The Branches has another new self-titled album on the horizon

The psychedelic retro design above might seem like a non-sequitur if you’ve seen the existing dark and gothic cover artwork for the upcoming (self-titled) In The Branches album, but this was the result of yesterday’s Photoshop session with the release in mind. I want to have everything ready for release by this weekend, so we’ll just have to see how this stylistic battle goes down.

With this new album comes a simple new In The Branches website, a sign that this “side project” is increasing its presence in my daily life. It can take a long time to give a project the time it needs to develop, but I’ve been clearing room for all of my music projects to get the time and attention they need to thrive.

This newest release promises to be absolutely mellow, like “As Real As A Dream” in some ways, but perhaps with more moments on the darker side of things. Stay tuned for the album release in the coming days!