Artist Feature: The 3rd and the Mortal (Norway)

Throughout the 1990’s, musicians from Sweden, Norway, and the rest of Scandinavia were unleashing profound, genre-bending music at a rate that the rest of the world still struggles to catch up with. (Mark my words!) The contemporary bands featured on metal channels across the USA are but an Americanized echo of the underground brilliance that shined from our brothers and sisters across the pond decades ago.

I discovered The 3rd and the Mortal (read more on Encyclopaedia Metallum) many years ago, as a wee lad of 15 or 16 who obsessively read metal reviews to find new music to buy. My first exposure to this phenomenally original and talented band was most likely their most notorious song, “Why So Lonely?”

Enjoy the hand-picked mix of my favorite songs from The 3rd and the Mortal, and support the music however you can! They may have broken up, but their artistic genius lives on!

Recommended Chillout: Kalpataru Tree – “Rhythmic Fractals of Earth’s Imagination”

“With this newest release, Kalpataru Tree weaves eight sonic tapestries of sound together into journeys of imagination to get lost in. A suitable soundtrack for dreamers, artists, wanderers, mystics, visionaries, engineers, designers, lovers, and magicians.” –

Beautiful ambient/chillout/world music from Curtis Humphrey, aka Kalpataru Tree!


Photo Feature – Bobcat in Northeast Scottsdale, Arizona

Bobcat in Scottsdale, Arizona
Young bobcat spotted in northeast Scottsdale (Rio Verde), Arizona

In The Branches – Songs From The Abyss full album on YouTube

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In The Branches at its spaciest. The subtle textures on the first half of the album were a contribution from Steven Taylor, known for his techno productions as Ghostwire. Steven’s unique ambient experiments and my longform guitar loop recordings were first blended together, then layered once more and compiled as a final album. Each song on this album is a unique soundscape like nothing else I’ve created before, and I’m planning to return to this style again for another collaboration with Steven.

In The Branches “Wilderness Time” Full Album Now On YouTube

In The Branches - Wilderness Time

In celebration of its freshly designed new digital booklet (available in high-resolution PDF format with purchase of the album on Bandcamp), In The Branches’ critically-acclaimed 2016 album Wilderness Time is now on YouTube (scroll down for embedded video), showcasing a slideshow of the new artwork as the album plays in its entirety.

A bonus track “Wilderness Time II”, from In The Branches’ fifth album “Lost and Found”, has been included as a logical extension to this collection of wilderness-themed ambient guitar music.

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