Bandcamp: The Cure For Failed-Musician-itis

Wolves In The Throne Room

Bold statement, I know.

Bandcamp saved the music industry. Bandcamp is still saving the music industry. It gives musicians a simple shopping cart platform to sell their albums on.

First and foremost, the platform is made for selling digital music. They’ve expanded things to also work well as a monthly/annual subscription platform, and it also works great for selling physical merchandise like CD’s, vinyl, shirts, posters, etc.

Someone else might eventually musicians better than Bandcamp. Hopefully, the company will wise up and support Playlists to knock Soundcloud out (I’m not exactly pro-Soundcloud). Just imagine, Bandcamp with playlists! What a dream. I’ll try to get permission to use their API and do it myself, if necessary.

If you’re an independent musician, using Bandcamp is a no-brainer. Do it!