This website holds the beginnings of a large library of sound and imagery, from ambient soundscapes to funky beats to epic landscapes. The library grows quickly with The Adaptive’s international family of creative people. This is a collection of creative work from Shane Cotee and some of his gifted friends.

Here, you’ll find places to listen to my (and our) music and look at my photos & videos.

Featured Music

25% off all releases on theadaptive.bandcamp.com with code 'springtolife25'

All releases on our Bandcamp page are currently 25% off with discount code “springtolife25” (enter at checkout).

Free Music

Free Music

Our Bandcamp site currently holds all of the official releases from THEADAPTIVE.NET, including several free singles (“Name Your Price”).

Bandcamp gives several options for audio format when you download. I recommend choosing 320kbps MP3 format for CD-quality sound, but choose WAV or FLAC if you want the original (24-bit) masters.

Infinite Brothers‘ debut “Signals EP” was released by theadaptive.net in 2016. Have a listen below.